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Best bed frame review for you. If you are looking for the best bed frame to buy, you are in the right place. You will be introduced to my best bed frame reviews 2017. In this article, First of all we will share all you need to know about bed frame. And we also give you some useful tips and information of the individual product that will help you to find out best, but also ensure you to buy a right one!

As we all know a bed is usually the largest furniture in our bedroom. It's also a symbol of our fashion seance. And a perfect mattress set isn't complete without a strong bed frame. A bed frame or bedstead are used to support the mattress. There are many kinds of best bed frame like platform bed frame, rollaway bed frame, bunk bed frame, adjustable bed frame etc. The best bed frame can Improve your Sleep Quality.

We spend a big portion of our life in bed. For a great sleep, you must choose best bed frame for you. it’s a total necessity!

Basically, we buy bed frame for long time use. So we should be so careful about it. A wrong selection of bed frame is like a nightmare. Lots of people are getting tired of dealing with best bed frame. And ultimately can’t buy the best bed frame for them. Because they don’t have the appropriate idea about buying the best bed frame.

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14 Inch SmartBase



Handy Living Wood Slat

Wooden slats


Best Price Bed Frame



Compack 6 leg



14 Inch Elite SmartBase



Compack Adjustable



7-leg adjustable



MyEuro SmartBase

wooden slats


Classic Brands Hercules



Zinus Modern Studio

wooden slats


Easy To Assemble



What is Bunk Bed frame

Bunk bed is two single platform beds connected one above the other. And normally supported by four or six pillars. It also has a ladder on one side of the bed. A ladder is used to get to the upper bed. Normally the upper bed surrounded by a railing. It prevents the sleeper from falling out. Bunk bed reviews

Benefits of Bunk Beds:

Bunk beds are best for kids. If you have two kids, it can be the best option for you. It will save lots of space in the room where your children can move along and play.they are cost savers too beside of space savers.When you compare the pricing of two single bed frames with bunk beds, the cost of the bunk bed is much cheaper than others.

What is Adjustable Beds:

An adjustable bed is a bed which helps you to adjust your head and feet independently on varying degrees. It also called an electric bed, power bed, and patient bed. The three part of the bed will provide us well-customized support to different parts of our body. If you have pain in you body part like lower back, head and neck, feet and ankles, our legs and knees. This bed will help you to good night’s sleep. Check Best adjustable bed review.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds:

The control system is the main benefits of this bed frame. You can easily adjust your bed by hand made the control. An adjustable bed is a perfect option If you recover from any surgery. It could decrease strain on the heart and help proper blood circulation by the sleep surface to the right angle.

What is Roll-away Beds:

Rollaway beds are the convertible bed, which can convert into the small bed and you can also fold up, and it could be rolled away after usage. If you live in limited space home, then we would suggest you consider Best rollaway bed. You can store them in closets or under beds.They are more like a regular bed with extra fold up option.

Benefits of Rollaway Beds:

Rollaway beds are ready to use beds. You don’t need to get worried for involving any assembly or routines before using it. It’s a totally good option for unexpected additional guests bedding in your home.They are reasonably priced and they will provide you the free space in your rooms when not in use.

What is Platform Beds:

Cabin bed Is known as a platform bed frame. These beds produce the traditional look. This type of bed has mostly used the bed in all over the world. It's commonly higher than other beds. A platform bed frame can be wooden or steel. It supports the mattress by its sturdy platform.

Benefits of Platform Bed Frame:

Platform beds are easy to use. You don’t need any box-spring for using it. It’s a totally good option for supporting your mattress. They are reasonable priced. 

Size of beds:

Choosing the best size for your bed is so important. If you buy a bed frame which is so big for your room, it will come out of space situation. Another hand if you choose small size bed frame it can be so gathering when you sleep. You must have a very clear idea about size before buying bed frames.

Twin:                    39 inches wide by 75 inches long – It is suitable for one kid or adult person who living in a small room.

Twin XL:              39 inches wide by 80 inches long – This size is 5 inches long than a regular twin. It's great for taller one adult sleeper.

Full:                     54 inches by 75 inches – Full bed frame will make a perfect fit for couples or two adults who have limited space.

Queen:                60 inches by 80 inches – Comfortably sized for couples living in a decent sized room.

King:                   76 inches by 80 inches – This is big and huge sized for couples. You need a big room for it.

California King: 72 inches by 84 inches – Luxuriously sized for couples living in the larger rooms.

So if you plan to buy a new bed frame, you might be curious to know which are best bed frame 2017 at this time.

I set a list of best bed frame reviews for you. It will help you to Compare. I do a research of the best and most popular bed frames and give reviews of every individual product by our previous experience of bed frames. All of the bed are good quality and cheap bed frames.

1.Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Editor Rating:

This zinus bed frame is Rated as the No.1 Bestseller in amazon and also this is the best metal bed frame. I select this as our first best bed frame from the top 11. This smartbase bed frame is very well designed and manufactured by Zinus. It's totally quiet, Noise-Free and VERY comfortable!

This metal bed frame is best fit for average weight people but it can Supports up to 2400 lbs. It a high bed frame which raises your bed off the floor by 14 inches so you will get a valuable Maximum under bed storage space of 13 inches of clearance. The best thing is you can easy assembly in minutes. 12 legs provide excellent support and strength to your bed, mattress and protect your floors with plastic caps. The strong steel support mattress with multiple points of contact in the floor and increasing mattress life.

Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, Full bed frame sizes are available for this bed frame

Feature Highlights:

  • ​No tools are required, assembles in minutes
  • Excellent under bed storage
  • Can support a weight of 2400 lbs.
  • 5 years Product Warranty
  • Cheap bed frames

2.Handy Living Wood Slat Bed Frame

Editor Rating:

We select this bed frame as 2nd on best bed frame list. This bed is manufactured by handy Living and origin in China. This bed frame comes with black steel and 2-inch wide birch laminated wood slats.The best thing is you don’t need any box spring for this bed frame and it's held up to 300 pounds per side. That mean total 600 pounds!

This item weight 49.2 pounds. The bed is easily assembled in less than an hour with tools that came with the bed. But you will need a rubber mallet. A mallet is better than a hammer. Hammer might be too rough and break the wood. Rubber mallets are cheap just get one. The curved corner pieces are for decoration and finish, they have no structural value at all so being plastic is not an issue. The legs are so strong and align perfectly. If any issues with legs or frame are likely the result of poor assembly techniques. The slats are uncoated natural wood and not slippery at all, so this causes a bit of grip against the fabric of the mattress, so it won't slide off easily

There is no option to use a headboard. But if you use a piece of wood as a slate across the bottom you could or attach the headboard to the wall and put it on it.

The frame is the perfect platform to hold your standard queen-size mattress. Twin-XL, Queen, King, Full, Twin sizes are available for this bed frame

Feature Highlights:

  • Assembly required for this bed.
  • The tools that you need are included
  • Allow storage for under the bed.
  • No use of hardboard.

3.Best Price Mattress New Innovated Box Spring Metal Bed Frame

Editor Rating:

This frame is Excellent strength and durability with steel construction body. Manufacturer by “Best Price Mattress” and Origin in China. Most importantly it has high-Storage space of 14 inches under the bed.Easy to set-up. You have to just unfold, Extend all legs, tighten and secure the wing-nuts. That's it!

The price of This affordable mattress support system is so cheap then its features.You can use the 2 halves independently, but they won't be the same width as a twin. They will be 30" wide. Item Weight is 37 pounds in total.

You don’t have to use box spring and hardboard. It will conveniently and comfortably support your mattress. With just mattress, it is as high a typical mattress-boxspring-bedframe set.So replaces your current metal frame and box spring with a much more user-friendly and strong bed frame.

Twin, Full, Queen, King and California-King sizes are available.

Feature Highlights:

  • Easy to set up this bed.
  • You can use the 2 halves independently.
  • Allow 14” under the bed storage.
  • No use of hardboard and box spring.
  • High bed frame

4.Zinus Compack 6-Leg Support Bed Frame

Editor Rating:

This zinus bed frame is Simple, Strong, and Quiet. For the price, it is actually more than you expected. This zinus Compack bed frame is sturdy and well built. We consider this bed frame as our 4th choice of our best bed frame from the top 11.

With 6-legs and center bar it's so stable and supportive. It’s come with 9 legs for other sizes. This metal bed frame has steel construction with easy locking system. The Origin of this bed frame is China. This Compack Bed Frame is meant to be used with a box spring and mattress set not use with a mattress only. Frames and Foundations have 5 years Warranty. Ans its also a cheap bed frames. If you are trying to decide to buy it, don't hesitate it is so worth it.

Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King sizes are available for this bed frame

Feature Highlights:

  • ​It’s so sturdy and so easy to put together
  • Low-Stress, Easy Assembly - No tools needed
  • Doesn’t allow storage for under the bed
  • Sturdy over the years

5. Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Editor Rating:

The SmartBase Elite Mattress Foundation by Zinus are the best fit for Big & Tall people. This bed frame is origin from China. The SmartBase Elite eliminates the need for a box spring as your memory foam, spring or latex mattress should be placed directly on the SmartBase.

Folding design permits for storage and movement through tight staircases and doorways. The frame top is 14 inches the rails are about an inch clearance about 13 inches.This item is extremely sturdy, Noise Free and super simple to put together with no tools, took no time at all.

It has multiple points of contact with the floor for stability. Steel body provides solid support up to 4400lbs.With plastic caps to protect your floors and not to slip.You need not worry, because of 5-year limited warranty.

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King size are available for this bed frame.

Feature Highlights:

  • The center support is excellent
  • Super easy to put together
  • Size adjust option.
  • Can support a weight of 1200 lbs.
  • Low price and 5 year limited warranty

6. Zinus Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame

Editor Rating:

This fantastic bed frame from Zinus has steel construction body with easy locking system.Stability and support with 9-legs and center bar. This bed frame offers the greatest support for heavy-weight mattresses like memory foam and/or gel. It’s not for use with a mattress only, use with Box Spring. But if you don’t want to use box spring wooden slats will work ok. The headboard attachment is connected to the frame.You just have to turn them to the correct position when assembling it.

Assembled height of the bed frame is 7 inches. There are plastic caps on the support legs. The legs were all centered correctly. But if I recall, they had specific holes you put the nuts and bolts in depending on the size bed frame you wanted.

So you can easily adjust this frame as for Full, Queen, and King size

Feature Highlights:

  • The center support is excellent
  • Super easy to put together
  • Size adjust option.
  • Can support a weight of 1200 lbs.
  • Low price and 5 year limited warranty

7.Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Editor Rating:

This is a heavy duty 7-leg adjustable bed frame Bed Frame with Center Support, Rug Rollers and Locking Wheels. We chose this bed frame in the 7th position of the top 11 best bed frame list. It has a great value & top-notch in quality.

This king brand bed frame features solid steel metal bed frame, so that will give you an excellent support to your mattress and headboard. It is very stable without a headboard also. You can easily move your bed with the support of wheels. You could use it without those wheels, but if you want those wheels to do lock to prevent rolling. The instructions for putting the bed frame together are simple and easy to follow.You will very satisfied with the quality and sturdiness of this frame.

This frame can be used for queen, full, full xl, twin, twin xl sizes bed.

Feature Highlights:

  • It’s so sturdy and so easy to put together.
  • Low-Stress, Easy Assembly - No tools needed.
  • Doesn’t allow storage for under the bed.
  • Can not be used for a king size bed.
  • Sturdy over the years.

8. Zinus 14 Inch MyEuro SmartBase

Editor Rating:

Another comfort innovation from Zinus. Great product and affordable alternative to buying a frame and boxspring. 14 wooden slats support system-replacing both the frame & box spring, as it does the job of both.This MyEuro SmartBase is well designed for ease of use.

This is one of the best bed frame from those who use wooden slat. Most of the wooden slat bed frame have squeaking issues. But it does not have any issues like that. The price is so reasonable.

You'll instantly gain 12.5 inches of clearance for under-bed storage. Center support bar and seven foldable legs provide strength and stability.For level support, this frame has multiple points of contact to the floor.Total weight is 28 Pound. 

Twin, Full, Queen, King, Full bed frame size are available for this bed frame.

Feature Highlights:

  • 5-year limited warranty.
  • Box Spring Replacement
  • 12.5 inches of under bed storage.

9.Classic Brands Hercules Platform Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame

Editor Rating:

This classic brand Hercules platform bed frame replaces a traditional box spring and Works great with memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses. It's a cheap bed frames with good quality. Black finish steel frame foundation giving your bed a more modern look.It can be used as a bed frame itself or also can be used inside a wooden bed frame for mattress support. 

This metal bed frame is 14 inches high which will create more room for under bed storage.this high bed frame supports every mattress type and prevents sagging.This frame is designed to hold 1000 lbs and with two above-average sized people, it is fine.

This frame is available in standard bed sizes and works with all types of beds. Without tools its easy to assemble. The good thing is you will get 5 Star Customer Service after purchase.

Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, Full bed frame are available for this bed frame

Feature Highlights:

  • Tool free assembly
  • Frame depth 14 inch
  • Hold 1000 lbs

10. Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform

Editor Rating:

This Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform bed frame is one of the finest bed which has Strong mattress support with 10 wood slats prevents sagging and increases life.Headboard and frame combine for stylish support. The distance between the slats is 3.8 - 4 inch.

You can use box spring with this, but it isn't designed for it.This bed frame is Origin from China and Manufacturer by Zinus. This bed is fairly easy to assemble in minutes.Follow instructions, the improper assembly will result in the slats being too wide and Part C being too short.

this is the best bed frames for heavy couples.It can hold up to 2400 lbs of evenly distributed weight. The clearance under the bed frame is 12 inches. Bed frame itself is pretty sturdy.

This bed frame come with Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, Full bed frame.

Feature Highlights:

  • Tool free assembly
  • Frame depth 14 inch
  • Hold 1000 lbs

11. Zinus 14 Inch Easy To Assemble SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Editor Rating:

This is another comfort innovation from Zinus. No need for a traditional frame or a box spring, It's so strong and sturdy which will support your spring, memory foam, or latex mattress. Multiple points of contact to the floor for level support and sturdy steel structure protects your mattress by providing strong support.

The height of the frame is 14 inches with valuable under bed storage space which is 12.5 inches.In the very front and back poles have holes in them, so you could attach a head and foot board to them. You will get worry free 5-year limited warranty.

Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, Full bed frame are available for this bed frame

Feature Highlights:

  • Easy to set up this bed.
  • Sturdy over the years
  • Allow 12.5” under the bed storage.
  • Can support a weight of 1200 lbs.
  • 5 year limited warranty

Buying guide:

The bed frame is not only the most important furniture but also most useful and large furniture. So it's so important to choose the perfect one for your house. Before buying a bed frame you must consider something. Now we will discuss those things which you should consider when buying a bed frame.

Consider your room space:

When you are going to buy a bed frame you must have a good idea about your room size. Because if you don't have enough space in the room, you have to buy a smaller bed frame. So before order a bed frame, be sure that the bed frame will fit perfectly in your room.

Your budget:

Not always the high priced product are good. In the market, you will find lots of product in the different range of price. You have to set you budget and choose the best product in that range. We also set the list of best bed frame by budget. you can check it also for getting an idea.

Types of materials:

Three types of materials are used for the bed frame. Wooden, metal and leather bed frames.

Metal frames are so sturdy. You have not to worry about the material breaking or getting weaker.

Wooden material is also as popular as the metal bed frame. The types of wood materials used are oak, mahogany, pine, walnut, maple and more.

You will get both genuine and faux leather available for leather bed frames.

The high bed frame:

High bed frame give under bed storage. How high you want your bed to be is up to you. If you want under-bed storage it may add extra height. Though new tend is to be quite low to the ground.

Types of Beds:

The most important thing is to select which type of bed do you want. Many types of bed are available in the market. Like the adjustable bed, Bunk bed, Rollaway bed, Platform bed. Some of the bed are made for multipurpose use. You can use it like bed and sofa also.

Choosing a Headboard:

Most of the bed frame are designed to include a headboard. It's important to check how much space you have above your bed as the headboard may impose and how the headboard will be used.

How to select a box-spring:

Select a box-spring which will fit your bed frame.Though it’s not necessary to use a bed frame. Box-spring and mattress can use along in floor also. If you want to use a bed frame you have to take a look about the box-spring can slide or rest on the top. Will it adjust tightly with the bed frame? Select the perfect size for your bed frame. Check How to select a box-spring

Choosing a mattress:

You have to choose your mattress very carefully. Use the accurate size for you bed which will fit your bed frame. A good mattress will help you to have a good sleep. If you already have a set of boxspring and mattress. Buy a bed frame which you can use with them

​I hope this best bed frame reviews and buying guide will help you to find a bed frame which is best for you. If you have any suggestion or want to share something with us. Please notify us. That will be our pleasure. You can see more about bed frame from Wikipedia.

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